COMDOC Announces Three Digital Copier Security Programs

Savannah, GA – Katie Couric made digital copier security a hot office topic when she aired her story April 15, 2010. Since that time, everyone from mom and pop businesses to Congress have been doing research on the vulnerabilities and risks associated with these devices. Katie pointed out that most every digital copier introduced since 2002 contains a hard drive which could contain a copy of every print, copy and fax created by the device. Her story showed the relative ease that bad guys could access and use that data for illicit purposes.

COMDOC has a long history of helping businesses protect their information. As both an IT and Imaging reseller, it has been aware and offering solutions for both network and digital copier and printer security. While programs have always been offered to protect copier privacy on a go-forward basis on their devices, they have now added two programs for trade ins and equipment returned to leasing companies. These programs are both HIPAA and DoD compliant and are now being offered to all businesses, both COMDOC and competitor’s clients.

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